Cataract is a condition in which the normally clear (transparent) lens inside the eye becomes cloudy or opaque. This happens when proteins in the lens abnormally break down, causing cloudiness and restricted entry of sufficient light in the eye. As a result, the patient complains of impaired vision, sensitivity to light, glare and increased shortsightedness or distorted images.
Cataract usually grows very slowly and may remain unnoticed for many years. In most of the cases it is diagnosed after the age of 50 and is equally common in both males and females. Although it is frightening to hear the term “Cataract” from an ophthalmologist, modern day technology has made it possible to restore the lost vision. Cataract surgery is in fact one of the safest and most effective surgical procedure that gives excellent vision.
The surgery is performed to remove and replace the cloudy lens with an intraocular lens that can be monofocal, multifocal or toric, depending upon the need of the patient. An intraocular lens is a manmade/artificial lens that replaces the cataractous lens in order to give clearer and comfortable vision to the patient. It is basically a painless, daycare procedure performed under local anesthesia through a small incision in the cornea. The surgery promotes faster healing and patient can go back to his routine life within 2-3 days. The surgery is associated with very less chance of any kind of complications.

Roshni Eye Hospital: The Best in class Cataract Eye Clinic

Roshni Eye Hospital runs the Cataract eye clinic that is well equipped with latest and regularly revising technology and proven vision correction treatments for early detection, treatment and surgery of cataract.
Roshni Eye Hospital is headed and reviewed by Dr. Leena Doshi, one of the most experienced Cataract & Lasik surgeon in India. The team of ophthalmologists at the hospital are leaders in advanced microsurgical techniques and lens implant technology.
The hospital is focused on patient wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness and aims to achieve the premium possible results by the safest, established and most predictable means. With more than 18 years of experience, Dr. Doshi always endeavors to deliver proven surgical results at the most affordable price, making cataract surgery available to as many patients as possible.
Although treatment of cataract is one of the primary focus of Roshni Eye Hospital, Preventive ophthalmology (eye care) is also an important aspect of the services provided so as to maintain healthy vision for a lifetime. Our patients are our biggest assets and satisfying them with best in class and quality is our priority.


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