Manisha Phadke

Many of us have Family Physicians, we are privileged to have a family Ophthamologist in Dr Leena Doshi. The soft spoken, patient,highly knowledgable and aptly skilled Dr Leena attends to our ailments as well my daughter's numerous queries with zeal and undivided attention. Our visits have been  positive and assured with her sharp and conclusive clinical diagnosis. Need I say more when I  trust my family's eyesight in her able hands.We as a family wish her the best of luck and stand by her in all her endeavors.

Umesh Gupta

I have visited Roshni eye multiple times for my families eye check up and my check up when was having CSR. Following things impressed me:

A) hospital facility and ambience is very well maintained and very informative.
B) Dr Leena was very understanding to the issues and sensitivities of my and my family issues.
C) She gave a perfect expert advise and treatment which not only resolved the issue but also prevented it in future.

D) personally u like the attitude and smile full if zindadilli with which she interacts and treats.

CA Mukesh D. Dedhia, CFP, FRM

Dear Dr. Leena Doshi,

I take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of my eyes over last almost a decade. It was during our regular check up that you found that I am having a early stage of a type of Glaucoma and hence was treated immediately by laser treatment in both the eyes. I could have lost my eye sight if it were not detected and treated on time.

My work involves being in front of computer screen for most part of the day and also extensive studies. Hence its very important for me to be under able guidance and regular care.

See you soon for my yearly check up. Wish you all the best and God bless.

Kavita kotak

My family and me have been patients of Dr Leena doshi for a few years now....she is not only a doctor but a great guide....she operated my daughter for her LASIK surgery two years ago and my daughter has not faced a single issue since then....a very trustworthy doctor indeed

Mrs. Sneh Chauhan

Dr. Leena Doshi always takes time with me, she answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on the next patient. I had taken my mother in law for a cataract problem which was successfully treated. I always feel  completely satisfied each time after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts or confusion... Best Compliments

Vijay Amin

In to-day’s world wherein each one of us are in a hurry to make as much money as one can, doctors who are considered to be next to Almighty God are no exception. However, there are a few ones who have proved to be otherwise, and Dr. Leena Doshi (An ophthalmologist) of Roshni Eye Hospital is one such doctor who believes that she is here to ease the sufferings of the human beings with her skill & knowledge without being rude to them and spread the light of happiness amongst them.

I had the pleasure of experiencing her above qualities when I visited her hospital with my family few month’s back, her ever smiling face, reassuring us time and again and impeccable services before and after the treatment made us think of an angel on the earth.

I take this opportunity to thank her profusely and pray to Almighty to bless her with long life so as to serve the humanity.”

Mahesh Gupta

It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge your caring treatment of eyes for my family members.

When i brought my aging father few years back he was very irritated with the eye related problem. However after meeting you, with your treatment and guidance he is happy.

For all our other family member also we your approach has been powerful, whether it is about checking numbers or about taking future preventive measure you have always given right direction.

Many thanks

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