Weeks before Surgery

  • Stop wearing your contact lenses: At least 2 weeks before lasik surgery, patient should stop wearing contact lenses and switch to full time glasses. This is because contact lenses can distort the shape of cornea that can lead to inaccurate measurements and subsequently poor surgical outcome.

The Day before Surgery

  • Skip the eye makeup: Patient should not use any kind of eye makeup, cream, perfumes or lotions on the day before, the day and day after surgery.
  • Proper cleaning of eyelashes: Patient should thoroughly scrub and clean eyelashes with mild soap/Johnsons baby shampoo or face wash a day before surgery. This is required to remove debris and secretions and minimize the risk of infection.
  • Use artificial tears/Topical Antibiotics: Patient is generally advised to instill artificial tears and antibiotic Eye drops in the eye a day before surgery, to flush any left out debris from your eyes and cleanse the eyes off infections if any.
  • Be prepared with all queries to discuss with the Lasik surgeon: Patient should read all the surgery related material and be prepared with all queries to discuss with surgeon.
  • Continue Systemic medications: If patient is on any other medication for any other disease, he should continue to take them unless Lasik surgeon instructs to stop them.

Kindly note that your anti diabetic and antihypertensives should continue as advised by your physician.

Surgery Day

  • Take anti-anxiety medication few minutes before surgery: Those patients who feel anxious can take anti-anxiety medication to be more relaxed and comfortable during surgery. Please talk to your surgeon about it.
  • Arrange transportation to go back home after surgery: Patients are not allowed to drive back after surgery. This is required because patient may have blurred vision due to the effects of medicine given before surgery.
  • Carry Dark Glasses: Patients are likely to have some discomfort and light sensitivity immediate post surgery.So its advised that the patient carries a pair of cleaned dark glasses.This also helps prevent any dust entering your eyes during your travel back home.
  • Follow Post operative instructions: Please follow the instructions given to you with regards instilling medications and other Dos and Donts.