LASIK eye surgery is priced separately for each eye and varies significantly depending on the technology used. It is important for patient to know the cost of laser eye surgery so as to prepare in advance for the additional expenses.

Why do various procedures cost differently?
Various Factors influence the cost of Lasik surgery.

Two factors that majorly influence the cost of the surgery are:

  1. Surgeon’s expertise and experience.
  2. Laser Technology:
  • The latest and the upgraded machines and the newest technologies would be directly proportional to the cost.
  • The type of procedure either the conventional old technique with a blade or the latest ALL LASER BLADE FREE LASIK will change the cost of the procedure. The pros and cons could be discussed during the consultation.
  • Type of Correction: Monofocal vision correction (correcting either distant/near vision) and Multifocal correction (PRESBY LASIK) would cost differently.

Life saving Equipment and Sight correcting procedures should never be bargained about or compromised. Ultimately it is about the best visual results that last a lifetime.